Saturday, August 25, 2007

Funny Sidebar:

Watching my Halloween movies again. Can't get enough of them.

Mind you, I don't watch them all. I own the original, of course, and the sequel, but then I pretty much skip to H2O. Those are the ones I like. I see them as something of a trilogy, with the ones in between (and the ones following) as something to watch if I get really, really bored.

Except for the third one, of course, which has nothing to do with Michael Myers, and is therefore not nearly as interesting to me. Sorry. Love the juggernaut.

Oh, and I kinda agree with the purists that the eighth one, the one where Myers finally gets his sister, Laurie Strode, is a cop-out. How they kept him "alive" after she beheaded him is a cheat. I'm sorry. I'm extremely forgiving of movie plots, as anyone thumbing through my reviews list in the sidebar can see,'s a cheat. And I won't watch it again. Sorry.

Anyway, as I was watching tonight, I got to thinking about The Shape. I think about The Shape every time I watch, of course -- my writer's mind working at a logical but cooler reason why Myers is the way he is, whether he regenerates or doesn't really get injured at all, whether he's "alive" in the purest sense or just wound up like a clock, etc. -- but this time, I got thinking about the actors and stunt doubles playing The Shape.

And I think I like H2O's Shape the best.

*dodges thrown objects*

Yes, I know. Purists will cry that only the first Michael Myers was worthy of The Shape's title, but bear with me here. I do think the first one set the bar, and set it damn high. That scene where he stabs the boyfriend into the wall about a foot off the ground, then just stares at the body, tilting his head this way and that as if debating the efficacy of his handiwork...yeah. Very cool.

But the H2O guy? I dunno. I think he plays that juggernaut, unstoppable, thorough...oh, what is the word I'm looking for?...methodical evil so damn well. Like when he reaches down and picks up the keys while John and Molly scream for help, then carefully goes through each one. They're panicking, and he's being methodical. Trying each key, flipping to the next, trying that one, flipping to the next. Doesn't break a sweat. No need to hurry.

When he's chasing someone down, he doesn't break into a run. Doesn't look like he's rushing to the scene. He just walks. He'll get there in plenty of time. Plus, that little extra time puts just that much more scare into the victim. Good times.

Or when Laurie Strode/Keri Tate/Jamie Lee Curtis is throwing knives at him. Does he slap them away? Nope. Does he rush her? Nuh-uh. He just minimalistically dodges each missile weapon and keeps that ground-eating, methodical, unstoppable pace.

God, I love it. It's creepy as hell, but still so damn cool.

And then there are his hands. Yes, I notice bizarre things like that. But in the beginning, when he's stalking down Marian the nurse? He pulls the big-ass knife from the block and flips it over in his hand like a magician palming a coin. It's...graceful, dammit. And the keys. He's flipping through them one-handed, trying each one, and damn if it ain't graceful. Efficient. Minimal movement.

Snatching the purse in the bathroom for the car keys. One-arming himself down from a ceiling pipe to drop behind an unsuspecting Jamie Lee Curtis. Hacking at the rope pulling the dumbwaiter. That cool, straight-downward thrust he uses to finish off the girlfriend.

He is the epitome of efficiency. He is the smoothness of focus that you get when you remove reason and sympathy from the equation. No wasted motion. No wasted thought. No wasted time.

A killing machine, finely tuned and well oiled. A thing of beauty.

God, I love these movies. And I really love The Shape from H2O.


Is that weird?


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