Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dear Charlie:

All hail football. The One True Sport is back at last. Can I get an amen?


Yes, I'm very much enjoying the preseason. I love football, even when my boys are losing. See, I remind myself that the worse our preseason gets, the better we do in the regular season. I'm telling you. It's damn near statistical.

Yes, I'm watching my beloved Chiefs lose even as I type. I don't care. It's football, and I love it. I love watching my boys march, even when they're struggling. I love them even when it's 4th quarter in a "meaningless" preseason game. I love them even when they lose.

Because they're my boys.

I'm also keeping in mind that this is a grooming year. No matter who they pick at quarterback, it's a new quarterback. We're not good at new quarterbacks in Kansas City. We're the "instant gratification" sort. They can throw three touchdown passes, but as soon as they throw an interception, it's "What have you done for me lately?"

Plus, there's a lot of new personnel. A lot of pressure on our stars of yesteryear to hold the whole works together while the new pieces integrate. That's tough, but I believe in them. I believe in my boys.

This may not be a post-season year, but I didn't think they'd get there last year, either. They surprised me. They always seem to.

And that's why I keep watching. The Chiefs always surprise me. Even in those break-even years, they'll pop out with this one brilliant, shining play.

Like right now, we're down 30-0, and a no-name who's trying desperately to make the team just pulled a runback right out of his ass. Shoulda gone down after 5 yards. Didn't. Refused to.

[Edited to add: And that run set up the Chiefs' sole score of the game. Talk about momentum. Talk about effort. Talk about one play just lighting up the whole team. See?? This is what I mean!]

That's what I'm talkin' about, folks. That's my boys. Don't even know who that guy is, but he's Chiefs. For today, anyway.

God bless football, people. God bless it and keep it.

I love this game.

[Edited to reiterate: I love this game.]


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