Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dear Charlie:

Okay, so apparently, I am The Place To Be at work. I don't know how this happens. Lemme tell you a little story.

The reason I have a hard time getting to my regular auditing at work is both because my daily processing has increased exponentially since I started two years ago and because every five minutes or so, someone else needs something. Where is this? Where can I find that? Can you sign this for me? Can you look in the computer for? How do I? Do you have? Can I can I how do I gimme gimme gimme.

Seriously. Even my supervisor commented on it when she came over to ask me a quick question and took two hours to get to it, thanks to all the interruptions. Yes, and that she was asking me a question is nicely ironic.

At any rate, our yearly audit starts Monday, and I asked said supervisor last week if I could lock myself in the conference room to audit as soon as we got the list of charts to pull. She said absolutely. In fact, she'd come over and help me pull.

Of course, I already had them pulled and started by the time she got there, but the offer was appreciated.

Now, if I could have stayed just me locked in the room with no interruptions, I would have been done with my part of the audit by noon. Maybe 1:00, as some of the charts needed work. But, since my supervisor (who wasn't my supervisor this time last year, keep in mind) came to sit with me and wasn't as familiar with our chart order as she'd like, I slowed down a bit to describe and explain. Not much, but definitely noticeable.

And then a caseworker joined us, wanting to "help". I gave her a chart I'd already done, as -- no offense -- the caseworkers really have no idea how to audit, and let her play. And then another caseworker joined us. And then we got the billing sheets and five more caseworkers joined us.

Now, the original idea was that I'd get all the charts audited for content, and then know, NOT TODAY...the caseworkers would audit the billing. By 3:00 in the afternoon, the conference room that had started out such a good place to hide and work had office all over again.





And it's useless to point out to everybody that this is hardly the locked-door isolation I'd been promised, as they were all "just trying to help". The fact that they kept interrupting for me to explain this billing code or that entry or why does this say I need to do this when and and and and....

Yeah. Over their heads.

So, I stayed late and finished the last couple of charts when everyone finally left me the hell alone. It, again, took me three times as long to get something done because of all the interruptions. I really, really, really need my own office. With a door. And a padlock to which only I have the key.

And no phone.

Man...I am so tired....


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