Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dear Charlie:

Okay, so I don't officially do the Thursday Thirteen lists like my beloved sister. Mostly, it's because I wouldn't have time to run around to everyone else's blogs to see their lists and comment, and it's rude to expect people to do that for me when I can't do it for them.

However, I do have a Thursday Thirteen list for everyone today. It's called:

Thirteen Signs of Being Too Relied Upon at Work

1 - You call in sick Monday morning because you're throwing up and still end up putting in 8 hours when you go in anyway later that day because it's two weeks before the annual state audit.

2 - The providers all panic because you're ill Monday morning and start calling your house to make sure you aren't quite dead yet. And to make sure you are "resting". Call. To make sure you're resting.

3 - Everyone winces when you walk in Monday noonish, but no one says a word about how bad you look because they're afraid you'll leave again and there are only two weeks until said annual audit.

4 - You receive a "Thank God you're here!" card Tuesday morning when you drag in again, stomach protesting.

5 - You finish a two-week 100% audit (on one provider) in 6 days...and still have 2 more to go...and no one doubts you can do it on top of all the daily billing/filing/fire-out-putting.

6 - You manage to get four providers' charts (five for each provider) in order on the correct day, despite it not being your responsibility and in spite of not getting the e-mail reminding the providers of said responsibility.

7 - You just finished a two-week 100% audit (on one provider) in 6 days...and everyone asks why you haven't brought cookies in almost two weeks.

8 - The secretary finishes any statement or question beginning with the words, "I know you're busy, but--"

9 - Your "lunch hour" -- euphamistically speaking, of course -- consists of snatching three bites of a sandwich while answering eighteen questions from three different departments, signing in a half-inch worth of filing, agreeing to help out with four difficult phone calls, and writing a page-long e-mail about a provider's ill-timed rude behavior toward the secretary. (True story. Did that today. I kept count.)

10 - You go to the bathroom, and someone sees your empty desk and freaks out.

11 - You return from the bathroom and get a talking-to for scaring someone like that. (Again, true story.)

12 - You're told, only half-jokingly, that you're not allowed to be sick for another two weeks, at least, and that you can't be sick for another two weeks after that until things get back to normal. When asking, again half-jokingly, about vacation, you are laughed at.

13 - Your supervisor calls you up out of the blue while you're in the middle of three different tasks and gives you her home and cell phone numbers, then casually asks for yours. This always means trouble. It means you're "on call". Never wise. Trust me.

Now, don't take this that I'm complaining, per se. It's never fun to be the records person at audit time, especially when you've done what I did -- made yourself indispensible to too many departments. It's because I cheerfully take on other duties that have nothing to do with my actual job. Because I like a challenge enough to want to learn new things which add to my overall responsibilities. And because I can't stand watching someone else flounder when I can help.

So my woes are my own fault. And I do find them amusing most of the time, even when I'm swimming in too much to do...but sometimes...I wish I weren't so damn versatile.


At 11:34 AM, Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Damn, Sis, you really REALLY need a huge raise.

At 10:27 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Hey, I brought it on myself. And it's my fault for working at a not-for-profit. I think the title says it all: work here, and you won't get any profit.

*sad snerk*


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