Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dear Charlie:

Okay, now I want a little dangly bumble bee thingy that says Bee-Otch at the bottom to join my Chiefs fuzzy dice in dangling from my rear view. Seriously.

Yes, just watched Transformers. Yes, loved it. I mean, how could I not? I didn't even care what it was about when I first heard they were doing a Transformers movie. I just said, "I'm there." No questions asked. I am so easy to please.

Saw the trailer, and that became, "I am SO there."

Saw the movie? Yeah. "I was SO there! Dude! I'm seriously!"

No, I won't do a plot rundown here. I will, however, step outside my usual box and say that anyone who doesn't like this movie is a spoil-sport who either never watched the Transformers as a kid or takes themselves entirely too seriously. It's fun.

So, if you go, be prepared to enjoy the hell out of yourself.

And...though I'm a Mustang girl through and through...*sheepish*...I gotta say that that Camaro looked pretty sweet. Especially before it upgraded. *nods* What can I say? I'm a sucker for a well-muscled rustbucket. Especially when they rumble like that.

Oh, yeah. BUMBLEBEE is the new LOVE. Ya'll know I don't say that lightly.

My only regret is that, tomorrow, on the drive back to the hometown for the weekend, I'm gonna be disappointed when no Decepticons touch down on old 71 and my Taurus doesn't transform to fight them. *sigh*


At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Pesh said...


At 9:29 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Dammit! It's sold out!

Gee, I wonder why.


At 10:28 PM, Anonymous Pesh said...

They have them on eBay too.

*grins with a Barricade flashback*

"Are you eBay user LadiesMan217?!"

At 8:14 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...


Yup. That was one thing that kept me from feeling like I was totally cheating on my beloved Mustangs with a Camaro -- Barricade's cool rumbly, pissed-off voice. Woot!


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