Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dear Charlie:

You know, it's ironic that, historically, the Chiefs have depended on defense to make a splash while our offense sputtered. History has come back to bite us in the ass.

See, for the last couple of years, the reverse was true. Our offense shone brightly while our defense just couldn't seem to get over the grievous loss of Derrick Thomas. Trent Green put up record numbers. We had two record-smashing running backs, never a common thing in KC. We scored a helluva lot of points.

But our defense couldn't seem to find its footing.

Then, there's today's play-off game. And history bit us in the ass. Our defense stepped up. Three interceptions. Two early goal-line stands. Sacking Payton Manning, whose offensive line protects him like the gold at Fort Knox.

Our defense kicked ass.

But after three quarters on the field while one of the most productive offenses in professional football couldn't even manage a first down, something's gotta give, and then came the touchdowns. We scored one, thank God. It wasn't a shut-out.

But Indianapolis's terrible, porous, wet-paper-towel defense just came out of nowhere and stomped us. Larry Johnson -- no one's idea of a shrinking violet -- didn't even make it to midfield with all his rushing yards lined up in a row. Trent Green was intercepted a couple (a few?) times and was restricted to short passes and just over 100 yards. Play action? What play action? We never stood a chance on offense, and I don't know how it happened.

Either Indianapolis's defense stood up or our offense stepped down. Or maybe a mix of both. All I know is that our play-off run was short, but not so sweet.

My poor, poor boys. Don't let it get you down. Learn from it, run with it. Make it your fight song for next year. No more one-and-done, boys.

Next year, I want you to take that football, and shove it down their throats. Because, as any good Chiefs fan knows, there's always next year.


At 7:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My condolences. I think the Colts barrowed the Raider's D for that game. Maybe they'll let us barrow their offense next year.

AFC Championship prediction:

Ravens vs Chargers -Chargers win a tight one.

NFC Chapionship prediction:

Who cares? They all suck. But, Eagles are in. -JTC

At 7:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or borrow. :~O -JTC

At 12:59 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Heh, I knew what you meant. Though it was kinda fun to picture the Colts offense stuffed into a wheelbarrow headed to Oakland.

I don't want the Chargers to win. Okay, that's not entirely true. I don't want Marty Shottenheimer to win. We had to put up with his Marty Ball BS for entirely too long for him to finally drop it and win somewhere else! Big jerk!

I think I'll root for the Eagles, though. I dunno why. Mostly because you're right -- they all suck.

At 3:16 PM, Blogger pacatrue said...

As a Titans fan, I don't know who I want to win anymore. On the one hand, I still love Steve McNair and would love for him to get a ring. On the other hand, he has to get the ring with the Ravens and Brian Billick!! Waaaaaaa!!

I do think the Chiefs have a better shot at things next year than my guys do. We bizarrely came on strong at the end of the year, but we came on with 24 point fourth quarters and 3 defensive touchdowns and other junk that'll never happen again. The Chiefs seemed to win from overall solid football. You gotta bet on that next time around.

At 7:44 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Aw, Pac-Man, I appreciate the sentiment. My poor boys play extremely well when they play well, but they can go astonishingly bad when things go haywire. Oi. My beloved sister calls them The Chefs then from that old commercial. It's funny, but it's not.

On a brighter note, they do have a brilliant future ahead of them, though their schedule won't be pretty after a play-offs run, no matter how short.

OH! And I adore Steve McNair, too! He's just an excellent player, all heart. He does the goal-line quarterback sneak better than anyone I've seen. I'm sure there have probably been better in past, but I'm just talking since I started paying attention. Heh.

Too bad I don't like the Ravens....


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