Monday, October 23, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Not much writing tonight. I tried my hand at a preliminary synopsis.


I think I have a decent query letter in the hopper, but I think a synopsis is gonna kill me. Why can I condense this book's essense down to less than 200 words, but I can't do the same thing with some added detail in less than 2 pages?


I mean, I can of course, but in a flattering way? In a way that shows a little of my style without rattling on and on about inane stuff that, while witty and fun in the book, only touches on the plot without being earth-shattering?


I must have written five pages tonight, and I doubt I'll keep more than a few paragraphs. See, this isn't WRITING. This is SUMMARIZING.

Two. Very. Different. Things.

I think I'd rather write a 100-word hook, like for Miss Snark's new Crap-o-meter weeder-outer. Dear God, would I actually do that to myself?? Have I lost my mind? Has the malaise brought about by synopsis-writing actually forced my senses to take leave??


It's obviously time for bed. Good night, all.


At 11:24 AM, Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart said...

*giggles* I've worked on the BD synopsis off and on all month. Concentrate on the hero's journey, the major plot points, and leave out all description and fluff. I'm struggling to follow my own advice....

You need to check out my blog today. Gregar has been naughty.

At 11:54 AM, Blogger GutterBall said...

I adore him. Gregar defies all attempts. He just IS.

Guh. I think I'm going to hate synopsis writing. So I think I'll put it off in true Procrastinator General style. I'm still not finished with the book yet, so I was mostly trying to get a sense of how much I'll need to tell in a synopsis, but it didn't do me any good.

Arg. Me Hearties. Heh, sorry. Couldn't help it. That second mini golf scene has an entire group of people heckling each other and a whole new set of course description. It's so much fun.

I love that course. Now, I just gotta hit the PowerBall jackpot so I can afford to build it and run in the red for a few years until I learn mind control so everyone loves it as much as I do.



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