Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Amusing Sidebar:

Okay, I don't usually blog about my job for the obvious reason that this blog isn't exactly private. It's not well-read, but it certainly isn't unGoogle-able.

So, my office is one of 15 in an organization. My office is also a hub for the rest of the organization's mail. I have to sort and redistribute that intra-office mail by putting it into duffle bags for the couriers to...you know...courier. In a way, I'm like the post office.

At any rate, I continually run out of these bags, necessitating the initial e-mail of the following exchange. This...is how I avoid going postal.

Me: I still need any extra bags you all have. Can I get everyone to send back any spares so I can send out the afternoon mail? Thank you!

Friend at Work: Sorry, I only have one and I am guarding it with my life.

Me: *sigh* I know your pain. I only have two, and I have to give one to [another office]. *clings to remaining bag*

FaW: And yet we still stay??

Me: Yeah, can't figure that one out, either.

FaW: Must be all the benefits we don't get.

Me: Heh, and here I was thinking it was the excellent pay. Hm.

FaW: Have you had this problem long? And I hear we have clinicians here to help with delusions.

Me: *sigh* You just had to go and crush my fragile little reality, didn't you? *weeps*

FaW: Sorry, Ma'am. It's my job to burst bubbles and tell little children that Santa is gay.

Me: *lower lip wobbles* S-s-santa? Is GAY?? *weeps*

FaW: Yes, and Rudolph doesn't have a red nose from the cold.

Me: Nooooo! *wails* Not Rudolph! Next you'll tell me that the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are having a sordid affair because she has a fetish about his buck teeth!

FaW: Yes, and for more on the story stay tuned to your local CNN news channel.

Me: *feels inner child withering*

FaW: Just what I thought, a closet believer.

Me: What's wrong with believing in closets?? Don't tell me they're not real, either??

*Posted with permission from the anonymous friend from work.


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