Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Ugh. Insomnia sucks.

Only about 800 words thus far tonight, but I did sit down and write out a possible query. Yes, it's putting the cart before the horse's grandparents, but it's been on my mind. So I did it. Waiting to see if it's as quirky and interest-catching as I hope.

Plus, the evening's not over yet. However, I don't hold high hopes for creativity.

I have a headache the size of Montana and barely six hours of sleep in two nights (and while I slept well over the weekend because I could sleep in, I didn't get squat for sleep last week, either) has made my logic a little fuzzy. Oi.

But I'll try. Before and after I watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I haven't watched that show in AGES! I adore Vincent D'Onofrio!

Guh, see what sleep deprivation does to me? This is ME...watching TV...two nights in a row!!

The world must be about to end. Okay, back to writing.

[EDIT: I am VERY disappointed. Vincent D'Onofrio wasn't on L&O:CI this week. The first time I actually turn on the TV to watch a specific show--read: for something besides football--in like three months, and he's not on! Waaah!

Oh well, back to the slave mines. The Muse has no tolerance for whining. Evil bastard.]


At 5:26 PM, Blogger Devgel Zo said...


Your muse would be male. *smirks*

I hope he's good to ya! Just don't slow down on the Opus too much, kay?

Tochan power! Uber-hugs!

*hugs the mortified Geebers*


I love being able to get away with things because I'm young and cute! *wags tail*


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