Saturday, September 23, 2006


Taking a quick break to post the ol' football picks. I got 10 the first week and 10 the second (though I only posted Week 2's picks here), so let's see how this week of either juggernauts or yawners goes.

Miami over Tennessee
Indianapolis over Jacksonville *
Houston over Washington **
Green Bay over Detroit
Jets over Buffalo
Tampa Bay over Carolina
Cincinnati over Pittsburgh ***
Chicago over Minnesota ****
Baltimore over Cleveland
Seattle over Giants
Philidelphia over San Fran
Arizona over St. Louis **
New England over Denver
New Orleans over Atlanta *****

* - This game's gonna rock. I only picked Indy because they're at home. Either could take it.
** - No offense, but who cares?
*** - This could be a good game, but I think Cincy will take it. However, you never know with Pittsburgh. They'll surprise you.
**** - O.o
***** - Boy. Tough call. I gotta go with the Saints though. Who knew we'd get another season in the Superdome?

So yeah, these games are either gonna be Shit Bowls or all out war. Just depends on which games we get.


No Chiefs this week. My poor boys.


At 8:47 AM, Blogger Devgel Zo said...

*looks confused*

Chiefs for the win!

*waves Chiefs flag anyway*


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