Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Gah! Time got away from me!

I worked late, called a sick friend to check up, and got a call from Mom. I just wanted to come home and write!

Plus, I obsessed about a particular section. I wrote 800 or 900 words, then axed them. Wrote 1000 words, then axed them. Wrote another 500 words and axed them before they really got started. I knew where I was going, but I needed to finish a previous scene before getting to the next one.

I just. Needed. A SEGUE.

So, though I only "advanced" about 1800 words tonight what with all the cuts, I am inordinately proud to say that I got over the first hump I've encountered in this story and am now steaming along again, as evidenced by the fact that I should have been in bed two hours ago. Yikes.

Regular work day tomorrow, though. No late clients. Hopefully, once I get home, I'll actually get to steam through a bunch more pages now that I figured out what kept stumbling me.

On this particular story, when all else fails, make 'em do something funny. Used to be, I'd blow something up or pick a fight between characters or introduce some graphically painful irony. Not so, here. This genre mutant of mine speeds right along when everything's all buggered up.


Of course, it's not a genre mutant. I'm just not used to writing in this particular genre and never expected to have to. Maybe I'm the mutant for this one.


God only knows what will happen when it's done. It'll either be hilarious or flop like a sedated trout.

To bed! Either to bed or to write all night, and writing all night ain't sounding so bad!


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