Sunday, September 10, 2006


GAH!! Why was there no penalty on that play?? Trent Green slid feet-first and got tagged...HARD...anyway! Penalty flag, anyone??

That guy better get fined! A lot!

Okay, so now that THAT'S over....

My poor boys looked pitifully outgunned out there. Admittedly, Cincinnati is better than it's been in thirty...or is it forty?...years, but that's no excuse. The offensive line is more porous than it's been since Grbac was leading the line.

So yeah, the season opener looked...a little shaky. We have the third hardest schedule in the NFL this year. We cannot afford to lose Trent Green if we even want to break 8-8 on the season.

My poor, poor boys. I love 'em anyway.

Go Chiefs!

We'll just call this one a rebuilding year, what with the new coach and new offensive coordinator, and we'll chalk today's Charlie Foxtrot up to new stuff and a killer opponent. To give the Bengals their due, they do earn that title. I've always had a soft spot for that team, even when they blew goats for so long.

How can you not love a team with such awesome helmets??

Anyway, we did have more first downs, though we didn't seem to do much with them. And correct me if I'm wrong, but were there any penalties in the game? On either side? Isn't that bizarre??*

We even held the ball longer by a good three minutes and gained more yardage. But we had an interception and four -- count 'em, FOUR -- fumbles. If we can't hold onto the ball, all the time of possession and yardage gained don't mean squat.

And we've got to get our running back some running room. Poor Mr. Johnson can't do it all by himself, and we simply won't win a game if he doesn't go over 100 yards on the day. It can happen, but it won't. Our receiver corps isn't that deep. Our tight end can't make all the plays...can he? Go Tony!!

Oh, yeah. And we absolutely CANNOT miss field goals, dammit!!


Although, to give Tynes credit, it was a 51-yarder. But he's made those in the past! Darn it!

But the defense seems to have stepped up in the second half. Two field goals allowed isn't as bad as aaaaallll those points in the first half. *facepalm* It has, however, been a while since I was able to say that our defense outplayed our offense. Surely, that's a good sign if our offense steps back up, right?


*[EDIT: I guess there were penalties after all, looking at the gamebook. I suppose that whole "there shoulda been a penalty THERE" thing threw off my penalty-detecting chi. Or something. I still cannot believe the refs didn't penalize the hell out of Geathers for that hit! I mean, not only is it a no-no to hit a quarterback who's sliding feet first, but it's a DOUBLE no-no to head-to-head him! Geez, mon!]


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