Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Quick Sidebar:

Waiting for the plumber to show up. He's not supposed to be here until 9:00, so he's not by any means late. I'm just...impatient.

I've been dealing with this stupid toilet/pipes issue for going on three months now. Longer? Maybe. I have very little concept of the passing of time.

See, the toilet doesn't get clogged, exactly. The fluid/air ratio gets buggered somehow every couple of months and makes the toilet act like it's clogged. The two times (out of DOZENS) we've had someone come out to fix it -- and by "we", I mean me and Dave, though he's not here anymore -- they've taken the snake to it and found no clog...but the toilet mysteriously flushes by plain ol' gravity again.


Usually, I can get it fixed on my own by pouring a bucket of hot water down it instead of flushing. No chance of run-over that way, and it somehow eventually re-establishes the proper balance.

Not so, this time. And I think I'm starting to bugger my wax seal, so it's time for a professional.

Needless to say, last week's stomach flu was no cakewalk. Still isn't, truth be told, but I'm so much better that I might as well be completely over it. Oi.

Anyway, so I'm hoping to get in a few words before scampering off to work, but I dunno that I'll manage. I already cleaned the bathroom as best I can -- you know, until the toilet's fixed, there's no 100% clean -- and mopped the floor.


Why do I clean up more for total strangers for whose opinion I care little...but very little for my friends? Except the kitchen, of course, which Jody pointed out gets the lion's share of my cleaning mania. Heh.


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