Saturday, September 16, 2006

Marvelous Sidebar:


My beloved Tuesday Morning Quarterback (see sidebar for a link to his archives) says, and I quote:

Worst, it is outrageous that no flag flew when Cincinnati's Robert Geathers dove at Kansas City quarterback Trent Green while he was sliding. The feet-first-slide rule is unambiguous: "Whenever a runner declares himself down by sliding feet first on the ground, the ball is dead." Any contact constitutes unnecessary roughness. Geathers pile-drived into Green as he slide, and the pile-drive is itself illegal. Not only should flags have flown, Geathers should have been ejected. Instead, the officials were staring off into space.

HA! What'd I say??

I feel better. Okay, back to writing. I cranked out three pages before Dad showed up this morning and took me to lunch and a movie -- Invincible, the one about the Philly Eagles and new head coach Dick Vermeil...oh yeah...and about Vince Papale, too, heh -- but I also cut three pages that I'd written last night. They were good pages, and it broke my heart to cut them, but I don't want to get carried away with one aspect of the story to the detriment of the rest.


*okay, doesn't, but would if she weren't a Klingon bitch with no tear ducts*

Heh. Sorry. Can't resist a Star Trek quote when the opportunity presents.

Anyway, Invincible was all sorts of good. Dad cried. He says he didn't, but he was all sniffling like every time he watches Where the Red Fern Grows and that one episode of "Little House on the Prairie". Heheh.

And I gotta get that soundtrack. I kid you not. Is it sad that I know the lyrics to every song on a movie that was filmed about a time period two years before my birth?


Okay, really back to writing! I'll post a word count later. I dunno if it really helps me or not, but while in the Muse zone, I tend to be a bit superstitious. If it's worked thus far, I will continue to do it, even if the working is just coincidence.

[EDIT: Okay. So I cut two scenes and added four scenes. The net gain on the day was about 2000 words, but I actually wrote a good 4600, give or take. *sigh* But a hole I didn't even know was there is now gone, and I did indeed murder that darling and write two new scenes in its place that further the plot in the right direction. I think it works pretty well.

Tomorrow, I plan to sequester myself and crank out another 8500 word-day, if possible. Woot!

Um...that's before and after and sort of during the Chiefs game, of course....]


At 5:30 PM, Blogger Devgel Zo said...

My neechan does me proud!

Crank out them pages, cut them, strip them, rewrite them until they damn well shine!

Wish I could crank out pages...I don't write anything except no opus for me.

Good luck with more pages!


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