Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy Sidebar:

I was watching Bob Ross at my beloved sister's house yesterday. We both remember growing up with his soothing tones and happy trees and putty knife painting techniques that left us stunned and amazed. We smile to remember his happy accidents and his wisdom of courage.

The man could have a heart-breakingly beautiful landscape on the canvas, and then smile and draw a big black line right down the middle. You'd cry out, thinking that he'd ruined a perfectly beautiful painting, and then he'd work his putty knife magic and it would be the most beautiful dead tree ever created, and you'd bite your tongue and wish you had the courage to screw up your best work to make it better.

Love that guy.

But he certainly came to mind a little bit ago when I went to make some homemade egg noodles for some chicken soup...and realized that the whole bag of flour I'd noticed in the freezer the last time I looked was...whole wheat flour.


Well, sometimes you just really really want what you want, ya know? So I took it down, opened it up, and made homemade all-wheat egg noodles. And you know what?


A happy accident. Thank you, Bob Ross. Rest in peace, man.


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