Friday, September 29, 2006

Football Sidebar:

Picks for the week:

Atlanta over Arizona
Dallas over Tennessee [good God, this game's gonna suck!]
Indianapolis over Jets [no offense to the Jets, but it's Indy!]
Miami over Houston [*snoooooooores*]
Buffalo over Minnesota
New Orleans over Carolina [go NO!]
Baltimore over San Diego
Kansas City over San Francisco [duh!]
Detroit over St. Louis [I just like watching StL lose]
Cleveland over Oakland [ah, who gives a rat's ass??]
Jacksonville over Washington [I still hesitate to pick Jax, even when they're good]
Cincinnati over New England [Cincy! woot!]
Chicago over Seattle [this game's gonna ROCK...HARD]
Philadelphia over Green Bay [sorry GB, oh ye of my same initials]

Now, here is a bizarro and completely gratuitous statistic, but I've gotten 10 games right every single week thus far. 10 right the first week. 10 right the second week. 10 right the third week.


What does that mean???


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