Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dear Charlie:

1200 words net today, but it was more like 3000 gross. I did a little pruning -- namely, hacking away the section I wrote at work today over lunch.

It felt clumsy. The characters voices were all wrong. It didn't flow.

Finally, just before I gave up and went back to work, I realized why. It was in the wrong point of view. I was trying to tell that part of the story in the wrong character's head. Duh.

So, before signing back in, I jotted down a couple of notes and some dialogue to remind me of my direction, then trashed everything I'd written over lunch and a little bit of last night's final tally. Never completely gone, of course -- just saved to another document -- but I won't use it. It's not right.

What I wrote tonight is, though. So, while I cut the 900 words from lunch and about 700 or so words from last night, I wrote back positive on my word count, which is cool.

And I fixed the literary constipation. I hate literary constipation. You know, when all the words are there but they won't come out? Yeah. Hate it.

Going to bed early tonight. I'm zonked. Insomnia still sucks, but I'm hoping to at least fall asleep at a slightly earlier insanely early hour of the morning.

[EDIT: Posted this morning because Blogger was being a bitch last night. >.< ]


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