Friday, September 22, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Having an editing night tonight. I got the urge to be ruthless, so I took pruning sheers to the current 70+ single-spaced pages and hacked back down to the green parts. Thus far, I've stripped over 1000 words from the first 48 pages, bringing my word count down to about 36,300. Still not bad, and the story's much tighter.

I plan to do the other 20-some pages before going to bed. Tomorrow, I'll go back to adding instead of subtracting.

I also activated some passive sentences and took out a lot of the gesticulating and emoting. I tend to be dialogue-heavy, so I subconsciously have my characters shift and smile and frown and play with silverware and pencils and the hem of their shirt. Usually, it's a cheat to show who's talking without using dialogue tags -- even the invisible "said". I hate using dialogue tags. So I gesticulate and emote.

Most of that's gotta go. Don't get me wrong. They have to be doing something besides talking, but when I've had a character smile four times in the same conversation, I'm obviously not getting it done with the dialogue.


Anyway, it's tighter. I think it reads better.

I'm listening to Blue October tonight. I blogged about them earlier in the year, though damn if I can find the link right now. I'll look later. Anyway, I absolutely love their song Hate Me, so I downloaded a few more of their tracks to see if that one was a fluke.

It's not. Some of their stuff is pretty hard core, but all of it flows. Good stuff. Good to write to.

Sorry, Anna, but Neil Young is sooooo yesterday. Heheheh....


At 4:33 AM, Blogger Devgel Zo said...

Power to the Neechan!

Editing is hard. I *never* do it. This why I suck.

You keep adding and subtracting and dividing and squaring until you get it all. I will wait for your return to the real world and for now I will simply dance with silver pom-poms for your continued success!

Go Geebers go!


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