Monday, September 18, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Only 1500 words today, much to my shame, but I worked from 8:00 this morning to 9:00 this evening, so I'll take those 1500 words with less shame than I would have yesterday. I was supposed to work late tomorrow instead of tonight, but the secretary fell ill -- yes, with that godawful stomach flu I survived last week and probably accidentally passed on -- and didn't come in today. Oi.

Which means I'll probably be working late tomorrow night, too. Good news is that I probably won't have to go in on Friday until like 1:00. Ha!

Oh, and on a bizarro sidebar, on my way home tonight, I watched a guy walk along beside the road, then suddenly just bend over and puke while I drove by.


Is that normal? And I'm not talking just BLECH! and it's over. This was like bleeeeEEECHBLEEEECHBLECHblechblechBLEEEECH! I think it might have actually hurt.

I almost slowed down to ask if he needed medical assistence, but I figured my beloved sister might well kill me for pulling over for a vomiting drunk. That is, if the vomiting drunk didn't turn out to be a psycho fake-puker who killed me first.

To bed! Gah! And such pleasant tidings to dream about!



At 4:40 AM, Blogger Devgel Zo said...


How do you find such people, Neechan?

Gomen that you didn't write as much, but I'm sure you'll pound out a whole lot more soon!

We miss you at DH, but we all wish you good luck with the writing and look forward to your return when you can afford to make it! :D


At 6:09 AM, Blogger Pesh said...


Dang, if I'd known you were working that late, I would have stopped by to harrass you. I was at the Business Center until 5:39 last night filling out insurance enrollment forms.

I think I'll probably cry when I see my first paycheck.

At 8:25 AM, Blogger GutterBall said...

I didn't find him, to-chan. He was the road. I drove home the regular route, ne?

I'll post at DH ASAP, but it may be a little while. I'm glad it's at a place where we'll basically be bogged down until we're rescued anyway. Heh.

And Pesh, the company might have been appreciated. Oi! It's getting to be regular working hours after 5:00 Monday night! Three providers until 8:00, and then usually one until 9:00. And last night, I had to do an intake.

I hate doing intakes.

However, if you do cry when you see your first paycheck, just remember that...oh, hell. Never mind. Cry away. The government -- and "affordable" healthcare -- do take a bite.


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