Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dear Charlie:


I'm actually doing pretty well on my football picks this week...except for overtime. All three of the overtime games ended up in losses for me.

Including my beloved Chiefs. My poor, poor Chiefs.

They played so well! I mean, c'mon! The defense did great up until that last quarter, and I can't blame them for being dog-tired at the end.

I can, however, blame the coaching staff for dallying with ZONE DEFENSE.


I believe I have made my opinions on ZONE DEFENSE quite clear. We don't play ZONE DEFENSE, and we hold them to a single figgie. We start playing ZONE DEFENSE, and suddenly it's tied. And then we go into overtime, which is apparently the Kiss of Death for whichever team I picked today.


But Huard did far better than could really be expected of him. The defense...when not sucked into the godless black hole of ZONE DEFENSE...played with excellence. I was very proud of their pass protection in the first three quarters. We've sucked at pass protection for many years now, so it was good to see.

The offensive line, bless its monstrous heart, needs to find itself again. Last year and the year before, we had a damn near flawless line. Trent Green had eons to throw most of the time. This year? Well, I know that there have been some personnel shifts, and I'll give them kudos for trying to plug the resulting holes. They're working on it, okay?

But at the end of the day, it ended up being 6-9 in hostile territory. We played well, and our rusher did his 100+ yard game thang, and that was it. Denver, those potty words that I will not utter on a Sunday, found their momentum and took ours away.


'S a good thing I'd already written 3000 words before the game started, ne? I mean, I couldn't look away! You wouldn't think a 5-field-goal game could hold your attention, but I couldn't bear to leave the room.

Anyway, back to the grindstone. I'll post a final word count before I drop off to bed.


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Certainly not my Chiefs' chances of making the playoffs. *sigh*


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