Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Completely random blog alert!

Okay, so is it weird to have a scar on your face with no memory of where it came from? I mean, I don't detail every single scar, of course, but you'd think I'd remember something happening to scar my FACE.

It's on my cheek, right by my nose. It's not terribly obvious in the right light, and it's not like a white streak -- just a noticeable dent in a horizontal line. I don't remember a cut or a hit or anything. It wasn't from the bus accident. All of those scars are hidden by my hair, and there weren't many of those.

I simply don't remember.


Oh, and I had a Coke with lunch today -- ate at Moe's, which is a story all itself. It was tasty. I half expected a drinking frenzy. I expected to want to gorge myself on Coke.

Meh. It was just tasty. Not life-saving. I have no urge for another.

Sweet! I kicked the habit!

Oh! And apparently both me and Sis have been thinking of books other than the ones we're currently working on. Woot! I love a new story idea, even when I'm neck-deep in a writing jag on another!


Oo! Something shiny! *chases*


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