Monday, August 07, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Well, despite spotty and lengthy construction work and a sudden, blinding torrent of rain that slowed traffic from 80 to 25 for a good 20 miles, I managed to get to my beloved sister's house without major incident. Bless her heart, she served me pizza and her coffee -- the only coffee I'll drink, as I usually find that bitter beverage absolutely revolting -- and we talked until well after I should have gone home!

Good times, those....

Anyway, there was one plus to the seemingly endless road construction: on I-55 by downtown St. Louis, traffic came to a complete stop...but the stop came with a nearly postcard-perfect view of the Arch and the new stadium and all the buildings downtown and the waterfront. Very nice, and I stared at it happily while everyone else was grumbling at the gridlock. Heh.

But I'm starting to like that 9 1/2 hour drive. I know, I know. No cruise control should make GutterBall a very unhappy girl -- or at least make her bad knee ache abominably -- but it's such a pretty drive, and there are long periods of just empty, beautiful country in Illinois and Indiana, and the hilly country in Kentucky is lovely.

And I love to just get in a car and drive. I love doing that. I could skip the cities without losing any sleep, but I'll suffer them just to get to drive. I love it.

Plus, I got some sneak peekage into some of Sis's plot stuff for her next couple of projects, and there ain't much better than that. Woot!

But, back to work today. *sigh* I suppose I'll live, now that the multitude of audits-in-a-row are over. I'd do the happy dance, but I gotta go to work!


At 6:09 PM, Blogger Devgel Zo said...

I can't wait to take me little Rav and hurtle her down to Grahamstown!

Glad you had a good rest and hope work isn't hard to get back into!

Yay for Joely that her writing is making progress! I'm even writing and I have had much support for Dojo Heroes! Am muchly happy with it and will send first chapter as soon as its done!


Welcome back!


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