Saturday, July 29, 2006

Marvelous Sidebar:

Quilt. Is. DONE!

That's right, folks. The quilt I've been working on for, what, two years? That's the one. The one I promised a friend who'd never had a quilt before, let alone a hand-made one.

The one without a machine stitch in it anywhere. The one into which I embroidered the carefully researched kanji for my friend's nickname.



Yeah, it's kinda hard to believe. I feel almost as good about this finish as I did about my first novel. My poor friend has been waiting so patiently for this, yes, but...but it's also finished. There's closure.

And it actually looks pretty good.

No, the blocks aren't lined up exactly right at every single corner, but they're pretty damn close. And it's extremely damn close for hand-sewn. And at least 80% of them are perfectly aligned, dammit!

Yeah, yeah. I'm sure I screwed it up somewhere, but it still looks pretty. Dammit.

And it's done! Woot!


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