Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dear Charlie:

My DVD/VHS is back!

Yes, it took me nearly a whole week to get it plugged back in and such, mostly because I've worked late or been out late all week. However, last night, I got all nostalgic for some old VHS tapes I haven't been able to watch in nearly half a year, so I finally took on the daunting task of plugging the darn thing back in.

Since I can't just move the whole entertainment system, I have to work around it. This means sticking my whole arm up to the shoulder though a smallish opening between the EC and the wall...and trusting that no spiders have built webs and/or family colonies behind there. That's a big leap of trust for me because the little bastards have started moving back in (though apparently only in the bathroom, and only small ones that I find already dead...and only three of those). But I managed, and I even hooked the new, smaller DVD player up to the old big DVD/VHS. Everything works.

Including regular television.

A mixed blessing, that. In a way, it's just in time for football preseason, which is a huge relief. However, I don't really watch much TV besides football and the occasional Law & Order episode of various vintage. I watch mostly movies.

So, I can now watch all my movies again. Woot!

Unfortunately, I have to go to work now. Yup, on a weekend. I think of it as the lesser of two evils, though. See, when I worked for the law firm all those years, we had trial time -- a hectic combination of stress and verbal abuse and crash work that must be perfect -- at least four or five times a year. With this job...the audit only comes around once a year. However, the penalty for error may be more, though I don't know yet.

I find this an acceptable trade-off. Especially since my office manager believes in me and thinks I've done excellent work and won't hold me accountable for others' mistakes, though she appreciates me trying to help fix them and really appreciates me telling her that it's no big deal to work so much overtime this week.

Heh, I'm used to forgetting my social life for two or even three weeks at a time! And several times a year, at that! This is nothing!

So, back to work. Hope everyone has a fun weekend for me!


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