Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Well, hell.

I haven't blogged anything for the last few days, but this was an intentional choice, not a forgetful omission on my part. *sigh* You see, I had a relapse in the poison ivy department, and I just...didn't have the heart to blog about it. This last bout has kinda taken the umph right out of me.

Frustrating as hell.

I woke up Thursday morning with my eyes swollen, my cheeks, jaw, and neck swollen and red and burny-itchy, and all of the other little splatters and streaks of poison ivy all over my body on fire. My jaw ached a bit from getting the ol' wisdom tooth yanked, and to be honest, that was probably part of the swelling, but...the poison ivy was infinitely worse.

I can only assume it's because I had finished up my steroids the day before. I've tried and tried to think of anything else I could be allergic to -- perhaps the penicillin the dentist put me on, for example. But I can't think of another thing that's different, so....

Anyway, I went ahead and drove to work, only to have my office manager fuss over me and tell me to go home because I just looked miserable. To tell the truth, I was miserable, and so much so that I actually cried. In public, though only the office manager saw it. Well, and Adrienne, who drove up just as I finally left and asked where I was going.

Guh. I HATE crying. Especially when other people can see it.

I was just so tired. Physically and mentally. These last two weeks have been...trying, to say the least. And I was just tired.

Anyway, after a good argument -- because I have a crapload of stuff to do at work right now, what with this huge annual audit coming up -- I eventually went home and called my doctor, leaving a message as they don't usually get in until around 9:00 and it was barely even 8:00 by this time. I called back at about 9:30 and was told that the doctor had prescribed another round of steroids that I could pick up at the pharmacy of my choice.


Juuuuuust what I wanted. More steroids. Yay, basketcase time again! Joy and rapture!


He also prescribed Aveeno colloidal oatmeal baths and lots of rest, since this time around seems to have just wiped me out. I had planned to go back to work and not miss another full day, but I was overruled. He wanted me to soak in the Aveeno stuff for at least an hour.

Dammit. At least I got to read and listen to music while I pruned.

I dunno if it actually helped or not, but the hydrocortisone cream I picked up while I picked up the hated steroids certainly tamed a bit of the burny-itchy thing. Different kind of itch this time around.

But, after all of this, the good news is...*darts a quick glance around to make sure the Fates aren't listening*...*whispers*...I think some of the rashy places are finally starting to dry out.

*heaves a sigh of relief*

No, the itch isn't gone. No, not all of the rashy places are clearing up. But some of them are, and that's infinitely better than none of them, ne?

*crosses fingers*

And while this is officially Day 3 of basketcase-ness and I have been banned from mowing the lawn until the poison ivy is completely gone, I'm gonna bake a crapload of bread today, grill some pork-kebabs and veggies later, and probably tackle the dining room. Tomorrow? I dunno. Maybe buy some fireworks and blow some stuff up.


And speaking of the illustrious Fourth, I do have to work Monday, but there's only one provider who only has two clients coming in -- both after 5:00, go figure -- so that's...interesting. So I don't get a four-day weekend, but I get a day off in the middle of the week to just chill, and that's almost as good.

So long as I'm not taking off for being ill! Gah!


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