Sunday, June 11, 2006


Okay, so after having a little talk with The Man and getting that "God helps those who help themselves" feeling in response, I bought some monster-killer. And just now got around to using it.

My hand is very tired. I'm perspire-y, when I'd rather actually be sweaty. I also laid down a good swath of destruction around the outside of the house, too, so I'm MUGGY.

But I shouldn't have too many problems with spiders in the near future. Little bastards.

Hate. Them.

Now, I'm tired and I should probably be elsewhere while it dries, though it doesn't smell particularly harmful. Yeesh. But I need to get something to eat anyway, and I don't feel like cooking anything. Heh.

What?? My hand is really really tired! It was one of those spray-trigger thingies, and I must have cranked it a bazillion times!

Oh, and I went to the first half of my local semi-pro football team's play-off game last night. I didn't stick around to see who won because it was sticky out -- and because those bleachers are HARD -- but it was a great game! We were one point behind when I left, and I really wanted to stay, but....


At 5:16 PM, Blogger Zojojojo said...


The freaky bastards have been defeated! *high-fives GB*

Well done, Geebers!

According to my yahoo bars its fracking hot in Missouri now...we're having the most divine, mild winter here...its lovely.

It must be bad if you're not finishing your football games... 0.o

Sleep well now in the knowledge that you have defeated the Devil's own pets!


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