Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Rare at-work post:

Tooth. Pulled.


Yup. I may be moaning later, but for now, I am happy as a pig in shit that the only dentist willing to work me in was also able to squeeze in a quick wisdom tooth extraction. It wasn't terribly easy, as the poor thing was practically falling apart, but once he got a good grip on it, it popped right out. I think I may have found myself a new dentist.

Plus, he and the assistant veritably cooed over me being "the model patient" and following instructions to the letter and not so much as twitching while he did his thing, and they welcomed me back anytime. *hands over checkbook* Heh.

The anesthetic is still on in full force, so I'm feelin no pain and my cheek feels like a block of wood. And my tongue feels...indescribably weird. Heh, we all know that numb-tongue feeling, ne? Again, I may be not so sanguine later, but for now? All is well.

No more kicked in the teeth feeling! Yay!


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