Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Okay, so I think I'mma have to call the dentist and get my other (last) wisdom tooth removed. I don't know if its steady erosion is what's the problem or not, but it can't hurt any worse than last night did. Yeesh.

I've kept busy all day so I didn't just sit and dwell on it, but I still had to hit the Tylenol twice. It doesn't hurt as bad, of course -- not like that sudden, sharp, kicked-in-the-teeth pain -- but it aches. So, yeah, I think I'll have to take a trip to the ol' dentist. The one I visit even LESS frequently than my doctor.


I did another truckload of work today. It's weird. This time, I'd bought some groceries, and suddenly couldn't stand all the old crap in my fridge, so I...cleaned it out. I threw a bunch of stuff away, washed a bunch more dishes -- no, you don't want to know -- and finally put everything away...and my fridge now looks empty.

And then I made some cookies. And washed those dishes. And made steak-n-chicken kabobs with mushrooms and roasted potatoes for dinner. And washed those dishes.

Who am I and what have I done with GutterBall???

Oh, yeah...and the poison ivy still itches.


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