Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Note to self: prednisone makes GutterBall a frickin' basketcase!

Moving on....

So, in response to many...many...inquiries, the poison ivy is both better and worse. Around the eye, it's starting to dry out. Thus, it's not swollen, but it itches like bloody hell. My jaw, the side of my neck, and my chin are on fire and look like it. Very, very red/swollen. They don't seem to be healing up much. The back of my neck is fine so long as I cut the tags out of my shirts.


My a mess. 'Nuff said.

The rest of me? Well, there are little splatters here and there from where I was uncautious in my smug knowledge that I had outgrown my childhood allergy to the vicious and pernicious poison ivy, but the main concentration is the above.

Good news? Of course there's good news! It wouldn't be my blog if there weren't, ne?

Thanks to a suggestion from the Doc -- I had a three-week check-up from that sore neck thing (as yet unresolved), so I asked him about the poison ivy, too -- I found some Aveeno calamine-cream stuff that actually seems to have provided some relief from the incessant, agonizing, almost nauseating itch. Thus, I'm sitting here without twitching as I type, and that is a HUGE plus.

Unfortunately, I still have to keep taking the prednisone because of the ridiculous nature of my reaction. Dammit.

Also, since friggin' prednisone makes me hungry as a horse -- and that every three hours or so! -- I gained like three pounds in like five days, which is absolutely RIDICULOUS. And since, as previously mentioned, this particular steroid also makes me a basketcase, I decided that nothing would do but mowing half of the lawn tonight in penance/retribution for having to eat so damn much.

Keep in mind that any heat makes the itch monumentally worse. And that at 8:47 p.m., it was still 89 degrees outside. And that I live in Missouri, which is Native American for "friggin' sauna". Or "misery". It's all one and the same.

But again, the good news is that the Aveeno stuff works, even if only temporarily -- I'm already starting to itch again and will reapply before heading off to bed -- and after a looooong, cooooool bath, I actually felt damn near human again for the first time all week. There are worse things in life, folks!

And hey. Half of the lawn is mowed. Heh.


At 8:27 AM, Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Oh, so you did make it to the doctor. I should have read further!! I hope the Aveeno keeps helping. Hang in there, Sis!!!


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