Friday, June 16, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Yup. Poison ivy.

I went to Urgent Care -- anyone who reads this blog knows that something's very serious indeed when I not only go to a doctor but go to one URGENTLY -- and the anonymous doctor walked in, put on a kind of smirking sympathetic face, and said, "Awwww...that can't be comfortable!"

Yeah. That bad.

I ended up getting two shots -- one in each butt cheek -- and a prescription for some steriods to kill the allergic reaction. The shots themselves didn't hurt at all...but barely two minutes later, the muscle started to cramp. Heh, by the time I got home, I felt weird and stepped wrong somehow on my walkway and had to take a knee or go over completely. I just dropped.

I wasn't dizzy, per se. Just...weird. Blurry. I just stepped wrong.

I tried to nap a while earlier because the shots also made me sleepy, but I didn't do much more than close my eyes and think about story plots. Heh. It was, however, easier to keep my swollen eye shut than trying to keep it open. I put a cold compress on it, which killed a lot of the swelling. Now I can actually see the poison ivy dots on my eyelids. They were too swollen to see earlier.


Or more likely:



Anyway, I got to have a good, long phone conversation with my beloved sister. I haven't gotten around much because my butt's still all crampy, but I did stretch my legs a bit. No sleep, but some rest. In a couple of hours, I'll pop another prednisone and hopefully kill the rest of the itch and maybe some of the burn around my lips.

Yeah. Poison ivy on my lips. They're all swollen and bumpy and blistered. They don't itch at all. They burn.



At 4:27 AM, Blogger Zojojojo said...

Poor Geebers!!!

...Where did you find poison ivy anyway?

*offers a senzu* I don't know if these things work on rashes and stuff, but Korin assured me they would!

I was wondering why you did not come online last night (at least, not at Central African Time)and I really wanted to gush about Firefly with you!

But, no matter. Get well, hope your butt recovers, as well as the rest of you, of course.

Story plots? Is that we're calling hentai daydreams now? XD

Get some rest, you hear? No missioning about for you!


At 7:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor dear... I'm sorry!

I hope all goes better for you. Poison ivy can never be fun... but your mouth and eyes?! AGH.



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