Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Very. Interesting. Evening.

See, I didn't like the lady I used to work with at this new place. She was...a little abrasive. In fact, I wrote a short story -- that has since been submitted to an anthology, and I hope to hear back by the end of the month -- about her dying painfully by way of office supplies.

Yeah. Didn't like her much. Could work with her, but...could not WAIT to leave at the end of the day.

The new girl, though? Adrienne? Yeah, she's lots of fun. I don't think we could be more opposite in terms of personality, but somehow, it works. It works well enough that we've started hanging out after work, too -- something I never even CONSIDERED with the other chick.

So, I took her to Champs. Yup, that bar I've gone back to because all my friends are working there again. She's fun, and I figured she'd fit right in. She totally does.

Anyway, we go there directly after work tonight, and the guys have...I don't think I can type this with a straight face...a Can o' Cheese. That's right. They actually paid money for a 10 lb. can of processed aged cheddar cheese sauce. Five of them pooled their resources for...a can of cheese. A CAN of cheese.

I can't stress that enough.

And they're EXCITED about it! Right away, they run it back to the kitchen, throw in some jalapenos, open a bag of tortilla chips, and dig in. To the can o' cheese. And they're LOVING it.

After that, they put it on hot dogs. They add salsa. They put it on everything they can find, trying to eat this 10 lb. can o' cheese.

Heh, but it was a great opportunity to make cheese jokes. I can't remember most of them offhand, but we laughed our asses off. Good times, those.

And all because of the Can o' Cheese.

And, since my friends are always plaguing me for cookies, Adrienne helpfully volunteered to make them some the first time I took her there. Each time we've shown up since without cookies, the guys at the bar have given us the puppy-dog eyes. They did so this time, too...until Adrienne suggests that we go to her house and throw together some of her special Death By Chocolate cookies.

I can tell you right now that they absolutely rule. I'd had them before. Fabulous, and I don't even like chocolate so much.

That. Good.

So, we pay our tabs and go to her place, she whips them up, we do some good conversation while they bake and cool, and then we pack 'em up and head back to Champs. Where we are met with wide smiles. The guys dig in, and Phil even manages a little moment to himself. He's standing behind the bar, eyes closed, chewing thoughtfully with a soft smile on his face. Priceless stuff.

And then we started making jokes about FuckAss and Brokeback and how they're basically the same thing, and the moment was gone. Heheheh. I love my people.


At 4:12 AM, Blogger Zojojojo said...

Only in the States would one ever be able to buy a big-ass can of CHEESE.

And Jelly Bellies. Can't forget them tasty bits! And I LOVE Starburst! My American sparring partner in Aikido introduced me to them (thank you, sweet Val!) and I managed to find some at the local BP garage.

Actually, I've given up sweets. Not entirely (I'm not capable of that) but cut out about 90% of them. Sad, innit? But it seems to be working for my health and now I'm not a case of diabetes waiting to happen! And I haven't had coke (not the nose candy!) in two months! I'm so proud of myself!

Glad that the new co-worker is great fun! There's nothing like it! I should abrasive waiter can bring the whole team down, but there are some that can make the *worst* situations that much more bearable.

Mmmm...cookies. Methinks I'll make some when I get home in 13 days! Could I procure the famous sugar cookie recipe from the Mistress of Cookie-ness?

*puppy dog eyes*

- Zo


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