Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bizarro Sidebar:

I just don't get it. I'm having some kind of relatively minor allergic reaction...and I think it's from spaghetti sauce.


I seriously don't get it. Not only have I eaten bottled spaghetti sauce for years, but I've even eaten from this particular bottle before! What the heck??

My right eye is swollen and itchy. I have a scatter of itchy red bumps over my upper lip (though not so itchy or red after I took some benadryl), and my lower lip is swollen a bit on the right side. My cheek right under my right eye also boasts a little clump of red bumps.

For a while, there, the back of my neck was also itchy, red, and bumpy. And now my right ear lobe itches.

In other words, just about any area you'd normally touch with your dominant hand. It's driving me nuts. And the only thing I can imagine it being is the spaghetti sauce. I mean, I took two tylenol at like 6:00 for my neck, but it's not a new bottle, and this just set in about an hour and a half ago -- about 9:30, in other words. Yes, late for dinner, but hey. I was busy.

And while the spaghetti sauce wasn't really new, either, I spilled some on the carpet and had to scrub it up real quick...and I wonder if it wasn't something on the carpet that came up with the sauce? Hell, I dunno.

I just know that I've only had one allergic reaction before, and that one could have killed me. Sulfa drugs. Nasty reaction, that. Your red blood cells start self-destructing. Bad.

This...not so bad. Irritating, annoying, itchy, and pissing me off? Absolutely.

I took out my contacts, just in case my eye does swell shut. I'm not used to wearing my glasses (haven't worn them regularly since like the eight grade, and that was MANY moons ago), and I can't tell if my seeing weird is because of them or because one of my eyes is half swollen shut. Dammit.

I wonder if I scrubbed up some of the spider-murderer stuff I sprayed on a few days ago? If getting it wet and adding it to spaghetti sauce made some unforseen and toxic (to me, anyway) substance?


[EDIT: it looks this morning like a very serious poison ivy reaction. Dammit. I thought I'd outgrown that stupid allergy! *cusses and throws things* My right eye is damn near swollen shut, my face looks like I went one too many rounds with The Champ, the back of my neck is on fire, and I have little itchy, red bumps all over the back of my left hand and on the inner side of my forearm.

So, I'm gonna call in sick to work in an hour or so -- no way I can drive with one eye shut AND my glasses -- and I think Dad's gonna come up and take me to Urgent Care for a shot. Sheesh. I haven't had poison ivy since my eeeeeeearly teens! This is ridiculous!]


At 2:06 AM, Blogger Zojojojo said...


Weird-ass allergy...the stalker chef will not find you so attractive any more! *dodges thrown objects with a grin*

The spider stuff is likely, unless somehow in your old age you've developed a new reaction to spaghetti sauces. *gets whammed by a football*

Ow. Okay, I deserved that one. But I really can't offer a solution, so I shall offer some comfort instead. *hugs*

Get better soon!

At 7:59 AM, Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Oh, Sis, you poor thing!!!! I haven't had poison ivy in forever, either. So close to your eye -- I hope the shot helps ASAP!


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