Saturday, April 29, 2006


I admit that I clicked on the "to take action" link and added my name (and a rather lengthy letter) to the effort. While I understand that folks want some kind of regulation on internet content that can't exist without private owners, I find the idea of businesses/corporations "owning" the internet a bit frightening.

How long before those companies' interests influence the content they allow on their sites? How long before the internet becomes nothing more than another lobbying device for those who can afford to bribe the companies?

Oi. I really, really hate to bring important, serious stuff here, but since I may not have (read: be able to afford) a blog if this legislation passes, I figured I'd better take my chances.

In less important but infinitely more "Letters to Charlie"-like news, I think I'm gonna have to take my new DVD/VHS player back and exchange it. Maybe even for another model. Not only is the stripey thing really annoying (and maddeningly unpredictable), but it won't play stuff that my old one used to. How can that be? It's supposed to play MORE stuff, not LESS.


So, I'm gonna have to take it back. Dammit.


At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a problem with a new DVD player distorting some DVDs but working with others... ("distorting" = random distributed funky lines, fluctuating brightness and other oddities). My problem was that my DVD player went to the VCR then went to the TV so the DVD player thought that I was trying to pirate the stupid copyrighted DVD so I just plugged the DVD directly into the TV.
Since your DVD and VCR are the same thing and you probably are not going through any other devices... I was wondering if there may be some setting that might disable the VCR part?...
This is probably no help at all since you've already been talking to the BestBuy techs but good luck.

At 4:01 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Yeah, I think I'm gonna take the new one back, keep the old one, and just get a cheap little DVD player by itself for anything that doesn't play on the old one.

*shrug* Best of both worlds, and I can probably get a new CD/stereo for the bathroom and some CDs and DVDs for what I've already spent on the DVD/VHS. It'll just be an exchange, and I should really have the best of the two, though I'm kinda curious how I'm gonna hook up both a DVD/VHS player and a DVD player. I'll probably have to do some wire juggling, but I plan on using the old unit more, anyway.


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