Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Okay, so I'm a total idiot. *facepalm*

'Kay, remember when my roommate had two cats? And remember when one -- the male (my favorite, if I could be said to have one) -- was put outside for doing his noble tomcat duty all over my house? And remember when Dave, the roommate, moved out and took the inside cat -- the female, the one who drove me insane and survived solely by the fact that when I wasn't trying to kill her, I was trying to keep DAVE from killing her -- widdim?

Yeah, so some friends of ours -- who love cats -- were supposed to come get the outside cat to relocate to their home. They were supposed to do this when Dave moved out. Or shortly after.

Well, I kept feeding the outside cat, Gabe, because I wanted to keep him around so he'd at least go to a good home. But when days turned into weeks while no one had time to come get him, I told myself (and everyone who would listen) that when the current bag of feed ran out, that was it. I wouldn't buy any more -- and it's not like Gabe would have starved because he's an excellent little bird murderer! woot! -- so they could either let Gabe roam free or come and get him.

Well, looks like they'll not come get him because they already have a tomcat "marking his territory" around their house, and the last thing any of us needs is a bloody, vicious tomcat fight on the back porch.

So, what does a heartless Ice Queen like me do?

*hangs head in shame* Buys another bag of cat food. That's right, folks. I guess I'm keeping the cat. He is no longer Dave 's cat.

Gabe...for better or for worse...is...*chokes*...MINE. Dammit.

*heavy sigh*

Thank God he's outside. At least he can't bother me too much out there. DAMMIT.

*mutters darkly...and peeks outside to make sure HER cat has water*


At 1:17 AM, Blogger Devgel Zo said...


Ice Queen my ass.

Gabe is a cool name. And at least the other cat is gone. Mayhaps the lion cubs will play with Gabe.

Aw, GB, you're so kawaai when you don't want to be! He's your cat, and will make good company. I love cats too. You know all about my cat Smeagol, a lovely tortiseshell kitty with streetfighting talent.

Except she got clawed while I was here at varsity and had to have the fur shaved off her face so that they could sort out an abcess from some bastard cat's claws.

And the retarded vet cut her whiskers. *facepalms* She can't navigate properly in the dark now, and they take AGES to grow back.

I'm gonna test out my new karate skills on his ass! And some aikido too!

Anyway, cuddle up with Gabe and watch Firefly. I'm going to do the same with my cat over this well-earned vacation.

*does dance of yayness*

I'm going home!

*tosses a sardine over to Gabe*

Aren't you a lucky kitty?


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