Friday, April 21, 2006

My Dearest Charles:

My favorite Dragonall Z movie finally came out!


I figured it would be a couple of years before they made this particular one for several reasons, but nope! It's out, and it's FABULOUS!

Fusion Reborn

There's this whole section with my beloved Kakarot at Super Saiyan 3, which is my all-time favorite form for him. Plus, there's that goofy and irritating Fusion Dance, which pisses Vegeta off to no end, which is always fun. Heh.

But to top it all off, there's Gogeta! And lots and lots of killer fighting! And even some cussing, which is half the reason I didn't figure FUNimation would put this one out so quickly. Even uncut, they try not to cuss too much. A "damn" here and a "what the hell?" there, but nothing like what's needed to break through that wall.

Dude, it even has some excellent dialogue to round out the action. Vegeta and Goku verbally sparring is just as fun as all the fighting. Good times.

God, I love this show. Heh. I'm such a little kid!


At 8:59 AM, Blogger Devgel Zo said...


I'm going to get it for my birthday, if all goes well! I have all the movies in their original uncut japanese versions, but I do so love what Funimation does with Vegeta...

Not so much with Kakarot.

*does dance of yayness*

The Return of Fusion rocks! *loves her dbz...and Saiyan shenanigans*


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