Sunday, March 05, 2006

Dear Charlie:

Interesting weekend. Good weekend.

I got to spend some time with my brother, which doesn't happen very often. Good times. Got to talk about football, iron work (what my brother does for a living, thanks to my dad's lengthy career therein), that kind of thing. It was just...kinda nice to hang with the big bro.

Doesn't happen often anymore. We're too far apart, you know? It's a shame.

Maybe we'll work on that.

Didn't get to see my beloved sister this weekend, but hopefully, I'll remedy that soon. I wanna watch some Firefly with her soon! Gotta get in some Jayne-ogling and trade some fun quotes. 'Course, Jayne isn't really Sis's type, but she's a good sport and will try to see what I see in him. She's such a good sister!

I dragged another friend from work into the 'Verse this weekend. Poor Jody had to sit through the movie, Serenity, and the pilot episode of Firefly this evening. Heh. I think she enjoyed it, but she could have just been "enjoying" it because I so obviously was. Heh.

I'm hoping for another convert, though.

I also got to see Cannon and Ava, my best friend's little twins, this weekend, and unlike the last time I was down to home, I actually got to cuddle them. I was sick last time, see, and didn't want to give them anything. This time? No such hindrance.

Had a good ol' time cuddlin' toddlers. They grow so FAST! And they have such amazing little personalities! So precious.

No. I don't want any of my own yet. Save your breath.


So, saw Mom, saw Kristi and Sean and the twins, saw Dad, saw my cousin JR (no, no one shot him), saw my brother, saw some Firefly/Serenity, saw some friends....

Good weekend. Good times.

Now, I need sleep. *conks out*


At 5:22 PM, Blogger Diana said...

I sympathize with the urge to bring others into the 'verse. My brother is already there, but I'm tempted to see if my Mom would like it. She loves westerns and Firefly/Serenity definitely has that western feel to it.


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