Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dear Charlie:

No, I didn't die of the Mystery Sudden-Onset Mega-Snot-Inducing Cold.

I went to work today. Stayed all day. Survived.

I got a little hoarse toward the end of the day and had a headache pretty much the whole time, but I consider that pretty small potatoes. After all, I'm not dehydrated, ne?

And on a completely unrelated note, I was just taking my nightly bath and listening to Meatloaf's Welcome to the Neighborhood CD and thinking, Damn, but I think this is his best CD ever.

Now, I realize that comparing one Meatloaf CD to another is a little like comparing a Hattori Hanzo sword to a Hattori Hanzo sword. Each of Meatloaf's albums holds a special place in my admittedly hard heart.

But all around, I think Welcome is the best. Hard to explain, but true.

Could be that it has two of my favorite songs on it: Original Sin and Left in the Dark. Those two songs give me goosebumps. And shivers.

At any rate, I think I'll hit the sack with those hauntingly beautiful and beautifully crooned lyrics running through my head.

I shoulda known that it was comin to this
But I must've been blind
I bet you still got a trace of his love in your eyes
And you still got his eyes on your mind

You swore you'd be with me at seven o'clock
Now it's a quarter to three
Well, whatever you got and whoever it was
I guess ya couldn't get it from me

No, I guess ya couldn't get it from me

Oh, but down in my soul
Down in my soul, I know!

I know that you love me
There's no need to talk
I see the look in your eyes
And I got the proof

And there are no lies on your body
So take off your dress
Oh, I just wanna get at the truth

And there are so many things
That I just gotta know
Ya tell me who!
Ya tell me where!
Ya tell me when!

But don't tell me now
I don't need any answers tonight

I just need some love
So turn out the light
And I'll be left in the dark again....


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