Thursday, November 04, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Has anyone else noticed that they've suddenly stopped touting the "Redskins lose = incumbent loses" equation? *thoughtful grin* I wonder why....

Well, folks, that's about as close as I get to talking about politics without making a joke, so let's move on.

Woody's last night was LOADS of fun. I didn't go last week because I wasn't feeling well, but this week was great. I left earlier than usual, so no Word Dojo ass-kicking, but hey. I had to get up early this morning!

Plus, they wanted me to do another "car bomb" after the first one went down so quick, and I just don't like to drink that much anymore. Something tells me two would have turned into four and four into God only knows how many. So, I cut out after one. Like I said, I had to get up early. *grin* Convenient excuse, ne?

In other news, I'm shelving writing for just a few nights (surely no more than 3) to see if I can draw some characters a friend described for me in a lovely written gift. Yes, the Ice Queen has a heart. No, it's not totally melted...but it was...very nice.... *glares to cover suspicious gleam*

At any rate, it's only right that I should reciprocate, and if I can get these to look just right, I think that friend might get just as non-melted as I am now. *smirk* Plus, I just wanna see if I CAN. My drawing skills aren't quite as well-developed as my writing skills, and it takes a helluva lot longer for me to draw a pic than write a fic, but I like to push myself every now and then. We'll see what happens when push comes to shove and the bowling shoe is on the other foot and someone's left holding the grab bag.

Egad. That might be the worst mixed metaphor I've ever heard. I should, by all rights, delete it before publishing this post, but it's so patently awful, I think I'll share it with the world. *grin*

Heh. Happy Thursday, folks. And remember, it'll all be better tomorrah, because tomorrah is...FRIDAY.

Shyeah. Like I'd quote Scarlett O'hara. Who do I look like? *smirk*


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