Thursday, October 21, 2004

Quote of the Week:

I think this might well count as a motto:

"I think a plan's just a list of things that don't get done."

This comes in a movie where a bag filled with $15 million in cash is surrounded by a well of broken glass and two guys used a come-along and barbed wire as a torture device to get information. ROCK ON!

The Way of the Gun. I suggest, if you have a sensitive stomach or don't appreciate the very darkest sense of humor, you skip this one. Anyone else? *grin* Get in line, folks! This one's frickin' AWESOME!

But very bloody and very, very dark. Which makes GutterBall a very happy girl.

Heh. Here's another keeper from this flick:

"What are you gonna tell God when you meet him?"
"I was framed."

Killer music, too. Yes, GutterBall is one very, very happy girl.


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