Thursday, October 14, 2004

Dear Charlie:

I have a big weekend planned. Well, perhaps planned isn't the best word. Sketched is better. Yeah, I have a big weekend sketched. I know what I'll be doing...just not when precisely I'll be doing it. *smirk*

First, I'm taking tomorrow off to go to my beloved sister's house and see my dad, who's up from Mexico for a few days. Woo-hoo! Last time he was up, I got a set of maracas! *grin*

Then, it's down to my hometown to visit the very-pregnant-with-twins Kristi, my best friend since, oh, kindergarten? Yeah, around then. Her baby shower is Sunday and she's about six weeks away from safe delivery time, so this should be very interesting! She's just so CUTE pregnant! *Goku grin*

Technically, that doesn't sound like so much, but it's about 80 miles to my sister's house, then another 80 miles down to my hometown. Then, it's about 110 back home. Factor in the fact that I'm squeamish about girlie baby shower stuff and am only going because I love Kristi like a sister and would do anything for her (even singing at and being a bride's maid in her wedding, ye gods!), and that my three nieces are hilariously rambunctious, and you get why this is a busy weekend.

Plus, I plan on writing up a storm every chance I get. Good thing Kristi's doctor insists that she take a nap every day, ne?

At any rate, while I'll be around internet access and I'll have my laptop with me (I'd sooner leave behind a body part), I won't have MY internet access, so I may not blog until I get back in town. In that event, I wish you all a lovely October weekend!


At 4:15 PM, Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Didn't you just warn me about not saying something about a certain somebody to another certain somebody? And then you put it out here for the whole world to see! I don't know how often the certain somebody might stop by anyway.

Remind me to pack up those clothes for Kristi while you're here! Or is it tacky to take hand-me-downs to a baby shower?

At 4:25 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Aw, I think that second Certain Someone has only read this blog maybe twice. By the time said CS has read this, it'll be so far along the way that said CS will forget why it might possibly have been important.

I hope. *sheepish*

And, as Kristi is nearly ecstatic about said hand-me-downs, I doubt she'll be upset. Plus, I'll give them to her BEFORE the baby shower, so it's no biggie. *grin*


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