Monday, October 11, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Weird Monday, but aren't Mondays always a little weird?

First, the case I was so loaded down with settled out of the blue, so that's a HUGE burden off my shoulders. Woo-hoo! One less thing, right? And we've already done a lot of work on the next one, so it'll just be brushing up and getting it ready for trial. That, I can do.

Also, I got that bizarre story idea out, finally. It's not FINISHED, of course, but I got to the end of the plot idea. I can put it aside and go back to better things. Of course, dearest Jane will want to smack me because, instead of adding in my insight for my sci-fi trilogy that's about as far from romance as you can get and still have sex in it, I'm working on a young adult novel I'd started back in...oh...March?

I had a great idea for it, then found a contest that richly rewards the one book it chooses by publication and a decent advance. Seemed like a sign, you know? At the time, I wasn't worried about getting it done because I couldn't even send it in before October 1 and the deadline is like December 31. Now? Well, folks, it's October. Time to finish her off. Luckily, it's pretty short (especially compared to my monster trilogy, the shortest book of which is well over 400 pages).

Listening to "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie. God, is there a better, more true-to-life song?

This is our last dance
This is ourselves....
Under pressure

I just love it. Gets me every time. I can kinda see why Vanilla Ice (egads!) kyped the theme, if not the words. It just stays with you.

At any rate, back to the grindstone.


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