Friday, October 08, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Egad! Just a quickie here, as I'm busy as hell at work and am blogging during lunch, when I should probably be eating because I can GUARANTEE I'll forget to eat tonight!

Still writing madly on the supposed-to-be romance that's turning more into a study on rivalry with every paragraph. It's lots of fun, though! Trash talk, battle, blood and bone, little more trash talk, the difference between rivalry and hatred, the difference between rivalry and friendship.... That kind of thing. Over 100 pages now, single-spaced. Dammit.

I also had a revelation about a detail in my sci-fi trilogy. I'd never explained where a certain frequently-mentioned implement came from, and it struck me as I lay in bed one morning, cursing at my alarm clock. I know what it is, who developed it, what it's made of, etc.

It's pretty damn nifty and the PERFECT addition to a science fiction piece that's been mostly aliens and battles and sex up 'til now. *grin* Well, not entirely true as I got into a little bit of culture, some android physiology and programming, and quite a bit of depth on actualizing the body's energy output into visible, tangible attacks. *grin* Been watching too much anime, to be sure, but it did get me thinking....

At any rate, I gotta run because I DO have to eat before going back to work. Overtime is great on the paycheck, but bad on the body. I'll likely be at work until around 10:00 tonight (gotta love those 12+ hour days), then go back in from 7:30 to probably 6:00 tomorrow. Again, looks great on the ol' bank account, but I'm gonna be one pissy, tired girl come Sunday morning!

Just in time for football to cheer me up, ne? Though the Chiefs have a bye this week, there are a few other games I can't wait to see, so that's good. Football always cheers me up!


At 10:42 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Turns out I don't have to work the focus group this weekend. I'll miss the overtime, but this was a really, really long week, so I'm glad I have the weekend to chill out.


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