Thursday, October 07, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Woo-hoo! I finally got my Meat Loaf Welcome to the Neighborhood CD! Yay!

Those were days of roses
Poetry and prose
And, Martha, all I had was you
And all you had was me
And there was no tomorrow
As we packed away our sorrow
And we saved it for a rainy day....

God, I love this CD! And I'll get to listen to "Where Angels Sing", which wouldn't play on my old tape because it was so worn out. That's one of those songs that just gets ya where it hurts! Picture Meat Loaf's oh-so-distinctive voice and a slow but driving gospel beat, backgrounded by a choir....

I got my ticket in my hand
I know my price is paid in full
No man can stop me
Their words won't sting ya
No dreams will haunt me
Where angels sing

I get so weary of this troubled road
Unlock these chains and gently
Rock me home


Where time means nothing
No hustle, no one rushing
No dark of night, no hate or spite
No wrong or right, no day or night
No towns [no towns!]
And no cities [no cities!]
No pain [no pain!]
And no pity [no pity!]
Where hunger is no longer
And a good man....

Just gets stronger....

God, I really, really love this CD. Can't wait to get home and listen to it in full!


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