Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Note to Self:

Okay, at Woody's tonight, I will not discuss the following topics:

1) WWE Smackdown,
2) the delectable Luther Reigns, or
3) Dragonball Z.

These subjects will cause my friends to both roll their eyes and listen intently for things they can tease me about later. Love ya, guys, but I think you have enough fodder on me to last a lifetime!

I will, however, enjoy the MUSIC.

I love music. I love it like I love sleep. Sure, you can get by on a few hours' worth a night, but who in their right mind would turn down the chance for more?

I love all music, but Scott -- my buddy who plays live every Wednesday at Woody's -- works magic with covers. I love his cover of Piano Man more than Billy Joel's. I love his "Levon" and "Saturday Night's All Right" and "Black Water" better than the originals. And when Scott and Max -- another music buddy -- or Scott and Mike get together....


I'm particularly fond of Scott's and Max's "Poison Ivy" and of Scott's and Mike's "Play that Funky Music". They just ROCK OUT on those two! *sighs happily*

At any rate, I'm hoping for some John Cougar Mellencamp, some Tom Petty, Hoobastank, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Doobie Brothers, America.... The whole gambit.

God, I love Wednesday nights! Music RULES!


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