Friday, August 27, 2004

Dear Charlie:

I have a moral dilemma.

Now, everyone who KNOWS me knows I'm going to the Chiefs/Browns game this weekend at Arrowhead, all hail the best stadium on Earth. For the last month, that's been almost all I could talk about when it came to football. For the last week, it's all I've talked about PERIOD.

Karla, that wonderful woman, offered me one of her season tickets to go with her and her son, do a little tail-gating, and spend the night in a hotel up there so we can each have a beer or two and not worry about driving 2 1/2 hours back from KC. She even paid for the hotel room, bless her soul forever! We'd be in the third tier, a couple rows back, and on the opposite side from the sun, so we'd be nice and comfy with a great view.

You can't really get BAD seats at Arrowhead, even in the nosebleed section, but these are damn good ones.

However, Dave, buddy of mine for countless years, got tickets to this game too.

Karla's response was, "Does he need a ride? He can go with us!" Wonderful woman.

But, Dave's tickets are in the FIRST tier, and he wants me to sit with him. He was SO HAPPY to have those tickets, and I'm sure he kinda sees them as a chance to kinda pay me back for something I keep insisting he doesn't owe. I mean, he's a Chiefs fan here, but he's from New York, so he's really a Jets/Giants/Bills fan at heart. Ah, I'm probably selling him short. He's always hollered just as loudly as I do for my beloved boys. *grin*

Now, the game is tomorrow. Karla can probably find someone else to go on her other ticket, even last minute, and she's already said we can still ride with her, tail-gate, and stay in the hotel, no matter what. She's wonderful. Did I already say that?

Dave, on the other hand, hasn't even looked for anyone else to go yet, knowing I'll be damn hard-put to pass up a first tier ticket to see my beloved boys.

What to do?

I promised Karla I'd go with her. We looked so forward to hollering like idiots and joking around with the other season-ticket holders on her row, etc. etc. She was worried for a while that I'd flat cancel (God only knows why! I wouldn't miss the Chiefs for a life-saving operation!), and I'd just convinced her I wouldn't miss it for anything.

And I WON'T miss it...but I'll feel a little bad for ditching her at the game for better seats at the last minute while taking advantage of her blindingly kind offer of a ride and a hotel room and tail-gating. I'm bringing the T-bones, yes, but she's bringing the grill.

So, what to do?

I don't want justification, here, folks. I want a clear conscience. I mean, who could have planned this? I didn't go to a single game last year, and my football withdrawals after the Pro Bowl in February were LEGENDARY from the lack. This year, I'm not only going to two games, thanks to Karla, but I now have two people wanting me to go with them to one of those games!

Man. I should probably be pleased as hell, but I don't want to slight either one. They're my FRIENDS, and I don't want to be either selfish or ungrateful.

*chews on thumb in concentration*


At 11:40 AM, Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart said...

It's not a moral dilemma. Morally, you go with the person who asked you first. The person who offered to drive you. The person who offered to pay for the hotel.

It's a Chiefs rabid fan dilemma. Naturally the obsessive fan inside of you wants to be as close to the game as possible. You want to see the fire in The Priest's eyes as he gallops into the endzone yet again. Or the clash of helmets as our defense sacks the quarterback with an extra little grind to put some turf in the poor guy's face mask.

But in the big picture, does proximity really matter? Arrowhead is magnificent wherever you sit. The roar of the crowd will be just as loud on either tier. You'll be with friends either way and you'll all share a part of the strange connection rabid Chiefs fans emit. You'll still smell the aroma of tailgating wafting on the air.

The only thing that could make it better would be a nice bite in the crisp October air. Or if I was there with you. :-)

At 11:58 AM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Oh, Sis, you know me too well! October RULES!

And I wish, I wish you could be there, too! That would be beyond cool!

At any rate, my dilemma has become moot. Karla just laughed and said I'd be CRAZY to pass up first tier tickets, and if I didn't take the offer, she most certainly would!

Isn't she a doll?

Plus, she says her kid is happy because he gets to bring a friend, now. *shrug*


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