Thursday, August 26, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Okay, so maybe going to Woody's last night -- which, while a pizza place by name, is really a bar and grill by action -- wasn't such a smokin' hot idea.

I had the BEST time. A lovely couple from Scotland -- a country I love and worship with SUCH enthusiastic devotion -- was there with some friends of mine, and I chatted with them all night, letting their absolutely FABULOUS accent wash over me. Usually, I pick up on people's accents by accident without even knowing it, but I resisted last night. I didn't want them to think I was teasing them or anything, as I was the only person who didn't have to ask them to repeat themselves every five minutes.

Loved these people. Billy and Eleine? Love you guys! Come back soon!

At any rate, they even suckered me into getting up and singing American Pie, though I got to listening to conversation and forgot about half of the third verse and Scott had to leave early for another gig, so I cut off the last one entirely.

So, why should I not have gone, you ask?

Smoke. Everyone and their mother was smoking. As you know, I've been sick all week. This did not help the condition. I now have no voice.

Some people will likely consider this a blessing, but it's QUITE inconvenient at work. I'm USELESS on the phones (yippee!!) because you can only make out 4 out of every 5 words, and the ones you can understand sound like a throttled frog. I also can't go five minutes without someone coming by my office and saying, "Oh, you sound AWFUL!"

Thanks, people. I needed that. *chagrin*

At any rate, despite my fabulous time last night, I probably should have stayed home and revised. I can't do much more of this sore throat, no voice thing. Contrary to popular opinion, I don't mind being quiet, but I can't afford it at the office.



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