Thursday, August 19, 2004

Dear Charlie:

So I'm at Woody's last night, listening to my buddy play, right?

Now, I get teased mercilessly for loving WWE Smackdown, but since those doing the teasing enjoy the teasing so much, I like to give them fodder. So I get off on a tangeant about Smackdown and what I heard about Summer Slam, which I didn't get to see because I don't have cable or satellite and can't get pay-per-view.

At any rate, I mention I'm bummed because I didn't get to see if Luther Reigns got to wrestle, as he's my new favorite guy. "Luther who?" they say, not really interested, but listening carefully so they can better make snappy rejoinders. Luther Reigns, I reply, heading off into the weeds of who the guy is on the show.

And then I let it slip.

"Oh, MAN, he has the best legs I've EVER seen!"


Now, I could have probably turned the conversation to safer waters, but my wonderful friends, always eager to pounce on my few girlie traits, fairly tripped over each other on their way to examine this new nugget.

"I see...."

"Now things become a bit clearer...."

"So, he's CUTE, huh?"

A sage nod. "I knew there had to be SOME reason...."

A little desperate now to salvage what was left of my reputation, I further mired myself by saying that it was simply the perfect proportion I admired so much. Usually these buffed up wrestler types either over-do EVERYTHING and look a little freakish or just work on their upper bodies, leaving these little chicken legs that simply aren't attractive at all. But Mr. Reigns.... Oh, Mr. Reigns, bless you for being 6'5" and so very perfectly proportioned!

The rest of the conversation was a barrage of rolling eyes and smirking nods, but the damage was done.

No matter how much I protest now that I watch the show for the sheer spectacle, everyone will now think I watch it to compare body types. *shakes head* Me and my big mouth.

Needless to say, I didn't get any writing done last night.


At 11:21 AM, Blogger GutterBall said...

See? No comments on my Smackdown ramble.

I'm sure poor, delectable Mr. Reigns would be so disappointed. If he knew of my existence. Which he doesn't. *grin*

So, I will post my own comment and say, "Smackdown RULES!"

Long live -- sort of -- the Undertaker!

Lie, cheat, and steal, Eddie Guerrero! God love ya!

And you put your foot down, Luther Reigns!

Of course, I may be ogling your magnificent legs the whole time, but please understand that I do so with only the highest respect and admiration. *grin*


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