Thursday, August 12, 2004

Dear Charlie:

The Last Mates. That's the title of the first book of my trilogy. It's a pretty good book, though it needs work before I even consider querying it out. It's the closest thing to happily ever after that I've ever written -- which is basically "happily for now" because by Book 2, The First Rookie, that "ever after" part has already been proven wrong -- and I'm not sure how that sits with me. It ends with warm fuzzies. Ick.

No sci fi of mine should EVER end with warm fuzzies.

Of course, it does have a short epilogue from the "bad guy" characters wherein one plots the death and destruction of our heroes, but that doesn't quite overshadow the sappiness of the MAIN ending -- that of our heroes.

I dunno. I write INTERESTING endings, but very rarely do I write HAPPY ones. And technically, this isn't really a happy ending, as it's only a temporary end -- a kind of "Stay tuned to this station for the calamity to come in our next episode!" -- that leaves off where the next book starts. And, as I already know how Book 3 ends, I can assure you it's a VERY interesting -- but not particularly HAPPY -- ending. It's not a tragedy, by any stretch, but not everybody makes it home, we'll say. *wicked grin*

See, it's like this. Originally, I'd planned on this story being one book. Nuh-uh. Ain't gonna happen. I hit 500 pages single-spaced, which is well over 1,000 pages properly formatted, before finally giving in to the inevitable and splitting it into two full books and the beginning of a third.

So, the best place to split off the "first" story was at this sappy spot, at this basically happy ending. I'm sure the publishing world will be pleased because they LIKE happily-ever-after, but I'm a bit disappointed with myself. In its original placement, it was just a normal interaction spot. But, as the ENDING of THE FIRST BOOK, it takes on new significance. *sigh*

But, the story is as it is. I'll let it flow the way it does and only guide every now and then, even if the first book ends in a disgustingly cheerful place and the second ends in a disturbingly neutral area where two arguing heroes call a basic truce and simply agree to disagree. Not happy, thank God, but not utter strife, either.

Do you think I'm over-thinking, here?

Maybe it'll all look better when I read it all over again and get back into Book 3, The Second Chance. I've kinda been on hiatus while writing a slew of short stories and sending them out into the cold, cruel world.

Yeesh. Been waiting 4 months on one of 'em. I'll be more than a bit peeved if I've waited all this time for a stock rejection without even a "how do you do". *shakes head*

Why did I pick this business again?


At 9:40 PM, Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart said...

You know I'm still considering and stewing over the endings in my books. Just get the story down and it'll sort itself out. I thought The Last Mates broke in a good spot before, but you may find something you like better after you write another 1000 pages or so. hehe!

You picked this business because you'll go CRAZY if you don't write. You started submitting your work because some nameless person *cough* prodded you to join her in the misery of attempting publication.

Just wait until we start querying the "real" novels....

At 11:53 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Ack! Don't get me started!

The very idea makes me so...uncomfortable. I mean, I'm literally shifting in my seat as I type this. *shakes head* I'm not SCARED, per se, as there's no real consequence here other than rejection, which only hurts for a moment. I guess you could say I'm nervous. That hits closer to the mark, I guess.

There's no real word for the discomfort. Not fear, not really nervousness....

When I think of it, I'll post an "ah HA!" blog. *grin*


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