Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Okay, so I'm thinking further on this battle fixation of mine -- doesn't that just beg the question? -- and I got thinking that half the reason I love fighting so much is because of RIVALRY.

Rivalry is a beautiful and wonderful thing, a time-honored tradition. Here you have two "mortal enemies" whose sole purpose is to train and train and get stronger and better until they surpass the other rival, right?

First, there's that hate-on -- the "I cannot believe anyone can be stronger than me! It cannot be! I HATE him!" syndrome. We've all seen it. It springs from thinking you're the best until someone else comes along and just trashes the whole idea. Everyone thinks they want a worthy foe until that foe shows up and shows you up. *grin*

Second, you have the intense battles between the two where they learn each others' moves and how to counter, then come up with all new moves to throw the opponent for a loop, then they have to go back to that training thing again to defeat these NEW moves.

Third, you have a deep and sincere admiration of the opponent's abilities. This is an absolutely necessary ingredient. After all, if you don't admit a certain appreciation of form, technique, and strength, then beating that person isn't worth your time, right? There MUST be some admiration, even if cloaked as jealousy, for a rivalry to perpetuate.

Which is, of course, why so many rivalries turn to truces or even friendships, tentative though they may be.

I mean, think about it. If you expend that much of your energy every single waking moment for the sole purpose of surpassing and defeating an enemy, only to see someone else come along and try to take that right, that PRIVILEGE from you...what would you do?

You'd jump in and join up with your rival to kick the interloper's ass, then go back to the rivalry with a little better appreciation of how much that rivalry means to you. *grin*

So, after the trilogy is done, I may have to turn to a rivalry story. Ideas are perking. Characters are forming in the feculent (thank you, Joely and Jean) morass of my mind. I must create rivals worthy of, say, Goku's and Vegeta's rivalry in DragonBall Z. THAT'S a doozie no one will EVER surpass, but hopefully I can do the concept spawned therein some justice.


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