Monday, August 09, 2004

Dear Charlie:

Okay, so I'm reading a story of mine -- I know, I'm supposed to be working; shame on me -- and it hits me: I'm a battle-junkie.

Now, this is not news to me. However, the realization of just how fascinated I am with the entire concept of battle -- be it with weapon, with animal, hand-to-hand, energy, or simple words -- was eye-opening. I mean, most of my more vivid descriptions are in battle scenes. And I have A LOT of battle scenes.

That, my friends, is the understatement of the year.

The science fiction trilogy I'm currently writing is chock-full of battle. Sparring, training, brawling, trash talk, blood, more blood, energy blasts, cutting off alien tails in the middle of a fight, gore.... Like the Ragu slogan, it's in there. Sure, it has a few nominal references to a growing relationship between the main characters and quite a bit of sex, but in between those scattered references to real life, it's pretty much battle-centric.

So, why do I just now realize my fixation on warriors, war, and the art therein? Well, again, I kinda knew I appreciated battle, so that's not a surprise. But the ART of it, the mastery of form and function, the sheer brilliance of thinking and reacting in a millisecond to the opponent's move and counter-move, the sounds and smells, the hair-trigger reflexes.... Man, I could drool just THINKING of it.

And when writing it? *snort* Man, I THRIVE when I write about it.

I truly didn't realize until just now that I use up all my best writing on battle. Someone even commented as such -- thanks Borath! -- that a particular description of a spar was beautiful or some such (I assume in a visceral, brutal sort of way), and it went right over my head. I even responded that I save my best stuff for writing fight scenes, and it STILL went over my head!

*shakes head* You know, I think that's what this blog is for -- pointing out the obvious to myself! Sheesh.

At any rate, I just had to get that blinding revelation out, in case I went and forgot it again. *shakes head again* Sometimes, I'm such a 'tard.


At 5:09 PM, Blogger username said...

To know your mind works in that mode is a nifty thing. Mine doesn't at all.

Go you with your battle scenes. I like them. *g*

At 9:46 PM, Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart said...

So, uh....Posting the big battle scene at the end of book 2 to our writing group and realizing the single scene was big enough to be a novella didn't give you a clue? All of my questions about warriors and weapons, swords, scimitars, dragons...? You're the battle queen! My first reference! Not for your facts (which are impeccible) but because of the joy and fire you always give me to translate into the scene.

And your battle scenes *are* beautiful in a soul-searing car-wreck sort of way. I just can't look away....

At 3:00 PM, Blogger GutterBall said...

Are you suggesting my fight scenes are as gory, can't-look-away, can't-eat-spaghetti-and-read as a train wreck?


Thanks, girls! You've made my day! *does a little dance* I'll have to go back and read whatever the hell I wrote to give you that opinion. I mean, I remember being a bit...splatter-y...but GEEZ!

Of course, there was the whole tail-ripping, let-severing, neck-vaporizing, body-destroying thing....

At 10:17 PM, Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart said...

NOBODY does battle like you, Sis. At least no one I've read. What makes your battle scenes special and unique is the pure joy the combatants display as they beat the ever lovin' shit out of each other.


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